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Dr. Kevin Sadati

Orange County Plastic Surgery

Best facelift Surgeon in Orange County

When searching for a facial plastic surgeon, choosing the right doctor who is both experienced and caring is extremely important. Dr. Kevin Sadati is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon, as well as a fellowship-trained cosmetic surgeon.

With over a decade of experience, he has performed several thousand surgical procedures and remains active in medical community education. He has published his innovative techniques in peer review journals and has been invited to present at several national plastic surgery conferences. Dr. Sadati continues to set himself apart from other facial plastic surgeons with his unique blend of surgical finesse with his passion for the arts. As a trained sculptor and painter, he combines his surgical understanding of human anatomy with his artistic eye to create harmonious, natural-looking results for each patient. It is this unique blend of talents that have earned him a high level of respect and esteem among peers, and the love and admiration of his patients. In this way, he has achieved numerous titles, including Best Facial Cosmetic Surgeon in Orange County by the OC Register and Top Doctor by RealSelf.com.

Refining the Art of the Possible

Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kevin Sadati

Dr. Kevin Sadati a board-certified facial plastic surgeon and ear, nose, and throat specialist (ENT) in Newport Beach. He has been named Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Orange County by the Orange County Register for six consecutive years.

Dr. Sadati is highly regarded for his artistic approach to plastic surgery, incorporating his skills as a sculptor and painter to achieve beautiful, natural-looking results. With over 10,000 successful procedures and 700+ 5-star reviews, Dr. Sadati is the go-to choice for anyone seeking the best cosmetic surgeon in Southern California.

Verified Top 100 Plastic Surgeons on RealSelf the Orange County Register, Best of OC 2015-2020 Vitals, Patient Choice 10 Years
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Art has complemented my work as a facial plastic surgeon allowing me to see and express myself more profoundly. It allows the integration of heart, hand and science.

— Dr. Kevin Sadati

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Please take a moment to explore our beautiful before and after photo gallery and view video testimonials from actual patients.

The Brilliance of Potential

The Office of Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kevin Sadati

Dr. Sadati's office is located in Newport Beach, near Fashion Island. The practice is a unique combination of art and medicine that offers high-quality patient care in opulent surroundings.

The clinic's centerpiece is a beautiful metal sculpture staircase that connects the state-of-the-art surgical suite and medical spa. As an artist with a keen eye for form and function, Dr. Sadati created a space that feels more like a monument to beauty than a medical center, while still providing pristine patient care.

The office has a supportive and caring staff, and is designed to make patients feel comfortable. Even high-profile patients can have surgery or treatment here and know their privacy will be protected. Visit Dr. Sadati to experience the restorative potential of plastic surgery for yourself.

Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery Newport Beach
Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery Newport Beach
Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery Newport Beach
Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery Newport Beach
Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery Newport Beach
Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery Newport Beach
Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery Newport Beach
Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery Newport Beach

See Our Patients

Rave Reviews


“Bye, bye turkey neck! - My daughter helped me find Dr. Kevin Sadati. He's known for his neck and lower facelifts and does incredible work. After consulting with him, I felt completely at ease. I'm beyond happy with my results!”

— Review from O. | Source: RealSelf | Mar 04, 2019

“Dr. Sadati has performed more than 3,500 face and neck lifts in his distinguished career. And with 700+ 5-star reviews and endlessly glowing testimonials, it’s easy to see why men and women seeking the best facelift in Southern California come to Dr. Sadati.”

— Review from O. | Source: RealSelf | Mar 04, 2019

“Dr. Sadati is amazing and his staff, wow they are the best. Janet and Maria are very helpful, understanding, and attentive to every detail pre and post-surgery. Dr. Sadati is voted #1 in facial surgery for a reason, he is very skilled, and competent. Thank you!”

— Review from J.R. | Source: Google | Nov 22, 2018

“Awesome, 1000 Star Job! I just turned 50 an in the last 3 years my lower face and neck began to show saggy skin. I’m super happy with Dr. Sadati and all his beautiful staff, the surgery itself was even easier than going to the dentist, I didn’t have any pain.”

— Review from J.S. | Source: RealSelf | Nov 20, 2018

“I had a lower face and neck lift. During the initial consultation, he will take the time to explain everything but most importantly he listens to your concerns and will not try to tell you what to do.”

— Review from T.P. | Source: Yelp | Oct 23, 2018

Averaging Five Stars Across Multiple Platforms and over 700 total Patient Reviews

Facelift and Neck lift Video Review

Facelift and Neck Lift

Facial Rejuvenation Video Review

Facial Rejuvenation

Video Review of Facelift Rejuvenation Removal Patient

Face & Neck Lift Procedure

The Natural Facelift Video Review

The Natural Facelift

Facial Rejuvenation Video Review

Facial Rejuvenation

Natural Facelift Video Review

Lower Facelift

Patients consistently praise Dr. Kevin Sadati for their stunning and natural-looking results. Many have shared their story with others online. Dr. Sadati is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has pioneered new and innovative ways to perform traditional procedures. His goal is to create treatment plans that are as minimally invasive as possible to achieve the facial contour you desire.

The Look of Orange County

Orange County Facelift Surgeon Featured Procedures

Facelift arrow Neck Lift arrow Rhinoplasty arrow Eyelid Surgery arrow Fat Grafting arrow Revision Rhinoplasty arrow


Dr. Kevin Sadati has performed well over 5,000 lower face and neck lift procedures utilizing his self-developed muscle tightening technique under (using) local anesthesia and twilight sedation, without the need for general anesthesia.

Orange County Plastic Surgery model with brown hair


The neck and jowls are the first areas to show signs of aging with sagging, drooping, and stretched skin, making an individual seem heavier and older than they really are. Dr. Kevin Sadati can perform this minimally invasive neck lift under local anesthesia and twilight sedation in his very own practice.

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As a top nose job surgeon, Dr. Kevin Sadati utilizes various techniques to create harmonious rhinoplasty results that complement a patient’s facial features. This is why he has been said to give one of the best rhinoplasty surgeries around.

Orange County Plastic Surgery model with brown hair


Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, improves under-eye bags and excess skin laxity around the eyes. Dr. Kevin Sadati specializes in minimally invasive facial surgery with the ability to perform it under local anesthesia and twilight sedation, while providing natural-looking results.

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Fat grafting is considered a long-lasting solution to facial volume loss, treating issues such as hollowness under the eyes, deep nasolabial folds, and sagging, flat cheeks. Dr. Kevin Sadati removes unwanted body fat and then mixes it with PRP (platelet-rich plasma) to achieve long-lasting filler results. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and twilight sedation.

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Some patients are not satisfied with the appearance of their noses after their initial rhinoplasty. While others suffer from structural or breathing issues that have occurred as a result of their first surgery. Dr. Kevin Sadati is familiar with all types of revision nose job techniques to help improve the shape and function of the nose, allowing him to deliver truly stunning results in revision rhinoplasty.

Orange County Plastic Surgery model with blonde hair


Facial Plastic Surgery


The Culmination of Art and Surgical Skill

Double Board-Certified Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sadati is among the few plastic surgeons in California who also has a Bachelor of Arts degree along with his double board certification in plastic and reconstructive surgery. As a result of his studies in sculpting and painting, he is acclaimed as one of the top facial plastic surgeons in Orange County. Facial procedures demand an exceptionally high degree of skill and artistic perception since the result of the procedure is always visible. Dr. Sadati has performed thousands of facial procedures over the years, fine-tuning his technique and sharing his discoveries with his colleagues.

The Natural Choice

Revolutionary New Facelift Technique

Dr. Sadati is well versed in different types of facelift techniques and utilizes the appropriate facial rejuvenation procedure designed for each individual to restore a more youthful appearance without the telltale signs of surgical intervention. The surgery is performed with twilight (IV) sedation without the need for intubation and general anesthesia. Twilight sedation provides deep sedation for our patient's comfort and safety and is associated with significantly fewer complications in comparison to general anesthesia.

Orange County Plastic Surgery model with blonde hair
Orange County Plastic Surgery model with blonde hair
Orange County Plastic Surgery model with grey hair


Not all Facelifts are created equal therefore, it is imperative for me to custom design each of our patients' facial surgeries and tailor them to their specific needs. Some patients need less work than others, while some will require more work. For younger patients with minimal laxity of face, a mini facelift is recommended.

For moderate laxity of face and neck, my extended SMAS technique can provide very natural facelift results. For individuals with laxity in the lower face and neck, a mid face and Deep Plane Facelift will create a Heart-Shaped face. If a facelift is combined with a temporal brow lift, it can create an amazing rejuvenated look which is called Vertical Facelift. Facelift surgery can be combined with other facial procedures, such as upper and lower eyelid lift, fat grafting, CO2 laser resurfacing, chin augmentation, and buccal fat reduction, but it may also be performed on its own.

Natural Faceliftarrow

Average Procedures Performed

From 1997 to 2014 the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) has compiled data from board plastic surgeons and otolaryngologists to compare what the national average is for each cosmetic procedure. Over the past ten years, Dr. Kevin Sadati himself has compiled averages, which reflect him to be well above these national averages.

Surgical Procedures National Average* Dr. Kevin Sadati**
Face Lift 7.0 220
Neck Lift 2.0 165
Rhinoplasty 8.1 52
Eyelid Surgery 9.2 102

*Avg no. of procedures performed annually by board certified plastic
surgeons & otolaryngologists.

**Avg no. of procedures performed annually by Dr. Kevin Sadati

Rhinoplasty is one of the top five cosmetic procedures performed each year

The nose is the most prominent feature of the face. When the nose is out of proportion or has a distracting feature, it is often a source of distress and lack of confidence.

Nose Surgery (aka Rhinoplasty) is a surgical procedure that focuses on restoring balance and harmony to the facial features as well as improving breathing function if this is an issue.

Rhinoplasty follows the national trend in popular facial plastic surgery procedures. It is among the top five plastic surgery procedures done in the United States each year. While it is among the most commonly done procedures, it is also considered to be among the most difficult facial procedures among plastic surgeons. Refinements to the size and shape of the nose must be done with extreme precision; the changes are measured in millimeters yet create a profound difference in appearance.

Choose your facial surgeon carefully For those seeking high-quality rhinoplasty, Dr. Sadati cautions them to be very careful when choosing their plastic surgeon.

He stresses that while there are many competent plastic surgeons available, rhinoplasty is a specialized procedure. Finding a plastic surgeon that does many rhinoplasty procedures each year is especially important for this procedure.

There are two components to successful rhinoplasty. One is the extreme surgical skill required when working with a three-dimensional structure with a complex interior structure. Equally important to aesthetic results is the surgeon’s artistic perception and ability to correctly proportion the nose in relation to the rest of the features. This is particularly important when working with patients with distinct ethnic features. Dr. Sadati’s goal is always to create a functioning and aesthetic nose which complements rather than masks ethnic heritage.


359 San Miguel Dr, Suite 110, Newport Beach, CA 92660

At our office, patients are introduced to our practice by meeting with Dr. Kevin Sadati for an initial comprehensive consultation. During this appointment, Dr. Sadati invests time in getting to know each individual patient, as well as his or her goals and expectations for surgery. Patients will meet all of the caring staff and receive top-notch customer service while experiencing Dr. Sadati's unrivaled patient care.

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