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The nose is a complex, three-dimensional structure composed of several subunits, one of which is the tip. The object of rhinoplasty is to balance the facial features by restructuring the nose. If the tip of the nose is bulbous or too wide or too narrow or if the projection is wrong, it can distort the overall aesthetic balance of the face.

Patients who are seeking refined tip rhinoplasty are fortunate to be able to consult Dr. Kevin Sadati for information and advice on correcting this part of the nose. He is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon with thousands of reconstructive procedures to his credit. He is known for his beautiful natural results that enhance his patient’s features very subtly without changing their overall appearance.


It is unusual to only address the tip of the nose as there are usually other parts of the nose that also need refinement. The overall objective is harmony and balance and addressing only one part of the nose can have an undesirable cascading effect on other related areas of the nose. Dr. Sadati sees the nose as a series of separate yet connected segments that must be in proportion to create balance. If only the tip needs to be altered, that is all he will recommend. In some cases this is all that is needed to achieve harmony in the face.

Orange County tip rhinoplasty model with brown hair


The nose is composed of bone and cartilage in roughly three sections. Only the top third is composed of bone with the lower two thirds being made up of two separate areas of cartilage. The tip has two sections of rounded cartilage, in the shape of a curved M or rams horns, which create contour and shape and the angle of projection the tip has from the upper lip. Tip rhinoplasty focuses on the lower third of the nose addressing issues such as an over large bulbous tip, over projection, under projection or a tip that is too narrow. While the tip is only a small part of overall nose structure, it gives character to the rest of the face. Changing the tip can correct a nose that appears too long. Shortening the tip by a few millimeters can have a profound effect on the profile and correct an overly dominant nose

Orange County tip rhinoplasty model with blonde hair


Almost every plastic surgeon agrees that rhinoplasty is among the most difficult surgical procedures they perform. Restructuring the tip is a critical part of rhinoplasty and must be done with great attention to detail in order to avoid the appearance of a pinched nose or an overly feminized nose in men. Another important consideration with ethnic rhinoplasty is ensuring that any tip rhinoplasty procedure does not erase the unique ethnic character of the nose.

Dr. Sadati recommends that anyone considering tip rhinoplasty becomes as educated in the process as possible. In this way patients can become fully informed on the procedure, the risks and benefits and what their particular outcome will be. Prospective patients should feel very comfortable with their surgeon and be confident that their goals are understood. In all cases, Dr. Sadati recommends that decisions concerning cosmetic surgery should not be made in haste and that patients take as much time as they need to make their decision. He is always happy to speak to his prospective patients to answer their questions so that they feel confident. As a double board-certified surgeon and ENT specialist, Dr. Sadati is not only an expert in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery—he is also well versed in head and neck surgery. With this extensive knowledge in cranial structures, Dr. Sadati is fully qualified to expertly shape and refine the nose to deliver exceptional cosmetic and functional results.


Dr. Sadati is especially sought out by patients who are unhappy with their results and require revision rhinoplasty. He has helped countless patients achieve facial balance and the resulting boost in self confidence that a world class surgeon is capable of delivering.

Revision rhinoplasty is more difficult that a primary surgery due to many factors. In the tip, there can be a buildup of scar tissue or an increase in fibrous fatty tissue after the primary surgery. Another issue concerns the amount of cartilage removed or added to the tip which may have resulted in an unsatisfactory aesthetic outcome. The many factors that combine to make a natural perfect nose are particularly evident in a poor tip outcome. Cartilage varies in each patient in length, thickness and strength. Skin thickness is also a factor. Rhinoplasty, particularly tip rhinoplasty requires the surgeon to be capable of putting all the pieces of the puzzle together in a harmonious and aesthetic whole.


The OC Register voted Dr. Sadati as the best cosmetic surgeon in Orange County. In addition, Real Self has designated him as one of their Top Doctors. Dr. Sadati is not only a highly trained and skilled surgeon; he is also an accomplished painter and sculptor.

His love of the arts has translated into his ability to create natural results that stand the test of time because of his unparalleled attention to detail in planning and executing his surgical plan. Find out how he can help you love looking in your mirror. Call for a consultation to get started on your unique journey.


Double Board-Certified Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon

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