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Chin Cheek Augmentation Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach


When someone tells you that you have wonderful, strong cheekbones, you probably take it as a compliment while breathing a sigh of relief at the same time. Strong cheekbones used to be a virtual guarantee that you would sail through the aging process, maintaining both your dignity and your beauty. However, this is not always the case. Dr. Kevin Sadati has found through years of practice and research that people in Newport Beach and Orange County will begin to lose density and volume in their cheekbones over time. See the above chin implant before and after pictures. This allows the aging process to expedite, letting skin sag and muscles weaken. However, there are several surgical and non-surgical options available to help save your cheek bones.



A non-surgical facelift is a procedure in which dermal fillers are used to enhance the appearance of your face. These fillers are designed to provide you with temporary relief, and will help rejuvenate your cheeks and define that area around your cheekbones again. The average non-surgical facelift procedure will have results that last for 6-9 months. Many patients come back to Dr. Sadati’s office for touch-up procedures in order to maintain their look. You've taken the first step by looking at Dr. Sadati's chin implant before and after pictures.


Cheek implants can be created to provide permanent results. These implants are placed near the cheekbone area, allowing patients to have lush, full cheeks once again. There is minimal scarring associated with this particular procedure, and most patients will find that they have recovered within two weeks time. Dr. Sadati uses state-of-the-art computer imaging software to create cheek implants that are perfect for the individual patient. This ensures that every patient receives one-of-a-kind results that allow them to look like their best, natural selves.

Your face is the gateway to your soul, and if you feel you are aging too fast it might be your cheeks that are failing you. In many cases, working on your cheeks can help fix many of the other aging issues that are present on your face.

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