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Male RhinoplastyPlastic Surgery in Newport Beach


While the male and female facial forms are not all that different, the male rhinoplasty procedure definitely has its own set of considerations. Not every cosmetic surgeon knows how to, properly, perform this procedure, providing men with the masculine results that they are looking for out of the surgery. Dr. Kevin Sadati, however, is a board certified facial plastic surgeon based out of Newport Beach who specializes in the male rhinoplasty. See the above male rhinoplasty before and after pictures.

When an Orange County male patient is disappointed after his primary rhinoplasty procedure, he may be heading to Dr. Sadati’s office for a revision. The goal of the revision will be to, not only, provide the man with the results he was looking for in the first place, but, also, to fix any structural or functional damage that occurred as a result of the primary procedure.

When working with men, Dr. Sadati keeps a couple of different considerations in mind. Many men do not realize that there is a minimum age requirement for this procedure. Male patients must be at least 17 years old before they can have a nose job completed. The male nose is not completely developed or fully mature until about this point, and the surgery cannot be completed until development has finished. If the surgery were done before this point, the nose would continue to develop. The aesthetic results of the surgery would be skewed, and functional damage could occur. This would also result in a complex revision procedure.

Maleity is an important part of any person’s makeup. It helps define whom we are and where we came from throughout the generations. Most people have a sense of pride about their maleity, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to improve their appearance. In Orange County, the male rhinoplasty procedure is one of the most requested cosmetic improvements. It is occasionally referred to as the reduction rhinoplasty at Dr. Kevin Sadati’s Newport Beach practice. The goal with this surgery is to reduce the size of the nose, improve the nasal appearance and sometimes remove a bump or hump that occurs as a result of genetics.

Dr. Sadati makes an important distinction when performing this popular plastic surgery. He recognizes that a patient has certain male features, and he works to highlight those features rather than downplay them. Other surgeons tend to see maleity as a negative thing, and work to remove all traces of distinct maleity through the rhinoplasty procedure. These patients often come to Dr. Sadati requesting a revision male rhinoplasty, because that was not what they were looking for out of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Sadati recognizes that maleity is a point of pride for many people, and a huge part of their identity. He wants people to feel self confident in their appearance while still displaying their pride for their maleity. You've taken the first step by looking at Dr. Sadati's male rhinoplasty before and after pictures.

Throughout the course of his 10-year career, Dr. Sadati has worked with patients of all different maleities. He is familiar with the features of the Middle Eastern, African, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic and Greek cultures, and knows how to provide the best results for people of these maleities. For instance, Dr. Sadati would not put a scoped dorsum nose on a Middle Eastern patient because this is not a common feature in that culture. Rather, Dr. Sadati would reduce the size of the nose or alter the appearance while still maintaining the straight dorsum that is found on most Middle Eastern patients. This ensures the patient leaves with natural-looking results.

The male rhinoplasty is a unique opportunity for patients because it gives them a chance to control their own personal features without giving up their family, their history and their maleity. Dr. Sadati has become known in the area as the one surgeon who can provide these exact results. For more information on your own personal procedure, book a consultation appointment with the surgeon.

As an expert who works with many different types of patients, Dr. Sadati recognizes that male patients will have different wants and needs than female patients. Though the average woman looking into this procedure, will be asking for a softer, smaller, more delicate nose, a man who wants to improve the appearance of his nose does not necessarily want to remove its masculine features. Most male patients simply want a better looking nose than before —, but they still want their nose to remain a symbol of their strength and masculinity.

Prior to beginning the surgery, Dr. Sadati will meet with the patient at a free consultation appointment. At that appointment, a physical exam as well as an emotional health exam will be performed. Once these exams are complete and the patient has been deemed fit for surgery, the patient and the surgeon will have a discussion about what to expect from the procedure. Some men might feel shy about their desire to have cosmetic surgery, but it should be noted that thousands of men head to the operating room each year to have plastic surgery done.

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