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A leading facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Kevin Sadati's expert facelift technique provides youthful and discreet results for the most discerning patients.

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A leader in the field of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Kevin Sadati is known for his ability to deliver facelift results that accomplish his male patients' unique cosmetic objectives and enhance their personal and professional lives.

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Designed for patients who don't require a traditional facelift but would still like to achieve a refreshed, more youthful appearance, Dr. Sadati's innovative mini facelift is the ideal procedure.

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Ideal for patients who want to achieve a younger appearance, but aren't ready to commit to surgery, Dr. Sadati's age-defying liquid facelift is a safe and effective facial rejuvenation procedure.

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A leading facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Kevin Sadati's expert neck lift technique provides discerning patients with a tight, contoured and more youthful overall appearance.

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As we age, the delicate skin on the face loses elasticity, fat and muscle—contributing to a tired and weathered appearance. Dr. Kevin Sadati's innovative fat grafting procedure is a natural solution that restores lost volume to achieve a supple, youthful glow.

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After undergoing neck liposuction with Dr. Kevin Sadati, patients routinely possess a well-defined neckline that makes them look ten to fifteen years younger.

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A leading facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Sadati is known for providing impeccable revision facelift results.

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Committed to responsible patient care, Dr. Sadati will only perform a facelift after methodically determining that the individual is a strong candidate for the procedure.

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Double Board-Certified Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon

If you are considering undergoing surgery to enhance your appearance, the first step is to schedule a private consultation with one of the best facial plastic and rhinoplasty surgeons Newport Beach & Orange County have to offer, Dr. Kevin Sadati.

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At our office, patients are introduced to our practice by meeting with Dr. Kevin Sadati for an initial comprehensive consultation. During this appointment, Dr. Sadati invests time in getting to know each individual patient, as well as his or her goals and expectations for surgery. Patients will meet all of the caring staff and receive top-notch customer service while experiencing Dr. Sadati's unrivaled patient care.